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“12 week tomorrow since starting. I’ve gone from 11st 6 to 9st 9. I’m happy with that. Lost loads of inches everywhere too. I’m loving it. Best thing ever joining the Keto family.”


“Just sorted my entire wardrobe out! A great feeling knowing some stuff is too big and some items I will be fitting in again! Happy days indeed! Just realised I haven’t actually eaten breakfast yet! That would never have happened before this woe!”


private consultations

Fully certified by the nutrition network John and Zoe are available for 1-to-1 consultations either in person or online.

meal ideas

A gallery of over a hundred keto-friendly meal ideas to keep you inspired and tempted to try new things.
New ideas are always being added to our gallery, try not to drool over your keyboard.

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Regular blogs from our qualified experts on topics like fitness, foods, the workings for the Keto lifestyle, facts, fake-aways and support. All included in the small monthly membership fee. 

quantum training

Quantum Training focuses primarily on engaging the fast twitch fibres, and using the anaerobic energy systems. 
Not only is quantum training more energy demanding during exercise, but it also leads to a greater ECOC effect..since EPOC is mainly influenced by INTENSITY, not the duration or volume of the exercise regime.

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